Get Pregnant If Your Fallopian Tubes Are Closed

Can You Get Pregnant If Your Fallopian Tubes Are Closed? We Asked an Expert

Can I get pregnant if my fallopian tubes are closed? It's a question that many women who have had tubal ligation surgery ask. It's also one that some women who have experienced an ectopic pregnancy ask since they may have removed fallopian tubes during surgery to treat the ectopic pregnancy or when removing damaged fallopian tubes to prevent the condition from occurring again.

The question has appeared enough times in search engines that I've been asked about it several times by patients in my clinic in Lahore.

What are fallopian tubes?

To explain it, a fallopian tube is a passageway that connects each ovary to your uterus. Sperm travels through these tubes to fertilize an egg and create life. While many factors can influence whether or not you can get pregnant, having blocked fallopian tubes can prevent you from conceiving completely. So how does one get them opened? Meet members of CHUGHTAI LAB.

What is tubal factor infertility?

Essa Lab, a reproductive health practice based in Chicago, specializes in tubal factor infertility. Tubal factor infertility occurs when a problem is found with one or both fallopian tubes. 

Many issues can cause infertility in women with normal ovaries and uteruses, including scarring from previous infections, autoimmune disorders, prior surgeries; damage from ectopic pregnancies; hydrosalpinx (enlarged or fluid-filled fallopian tubes); or other congenital conditions such as blocked or missing tubes.

How can fallopian tubes be tested?

Pelvic fluid will be extracted using a swab and sent for analysis in most cases. It's also possible to have an endoscopic examination of your fallopian tubes – usually after IVF treatment. For example, Essa Lab Lahore uses a hysterosalpingography (HSG) test. In other words, dye is injected into your uterus through your vagina and cervix; then, x-ray images are taken while you lie on your back.

How is tubal infertility treated?

Usually, it's best to seek help from a doctor or healthcare provider. The usual treatments are surgery, medication, and IVF methods. These different treatments don't always have a good result, so people look for other ways.

One of them uses online lab test kits to check their tubal ligation condition. Using these tests is safe and easy. Follow its instructions and get your answer quickly.

Pros and cons of tubal ligation

So can you get pregnant if your fallopian tubes are closed or blocked? Tubal ligation is one of several permanent methods of birth control, and it involves cutting or blocking your fallopian tubes to prevent sperm from reaching your eggs.

According to Planned Parenthood, when done properly, tubal ligation prevents pregnancy for up to 99 percent of women who undergo it. While some people think that tubal ligation is getting your tubes tied, you're having a section of each tube cut and blocked, not removed entirely.

Does Clomid work if fallopian tubes are blocked?

Trying to conceive can be a tough experience, so you must speak to your doctor if you feel like something might be wrong. Take note: many issues can keep you from getting pregnant.

Experts say that of all infertility cases, around 70 percent have an unknown cause; most cases are preventable or treatable with good medical care. A common concern among women trying to get pregnant is blockage of one or both fallopian tubes, but do they play a role in conceiving? Let's ask chughtai Lab Lahore how it all works.